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Doctoral School of Energy and Geotechnology III
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International Student Forum

Organized by Doctoral School of Energy and Geotechnology II
in connection with 7th International IEEE Conference-Workshop Compatibility
and Power Electronics, CPE 2011
Nordic Hotel Forum, Tallinn (Estonia) June 3rd, 2011

Student Forum Program


Registration for CPE 2011 Student Forum


Invited lecture “Predictive control and rotor fault detection” by Prof. Vanja Ambrozic (University of Ljubljana, SLOVENIA)


Coffee break


Presentations of experienced researchers


Formal Opening of the CPE 2011 Student Forum




Time to upload presentations


Parallel sessions (Room A and Room B)


Student Forum Dinner and Awards Ceremony


Session details
Session A
Session B
Possible Solutions of Using Multi-Engine Power Systems for Switching Locomotives
Anton Rassõlkin
Tallinn University of Technology
Some Applications of Numerical Path-following in the Analysis of Dynamics of Switching Converters
Dmitry Pikulin
Riga Technical University
Insulation Oil Treatment and its’ Necessity in Power Transformers
Gerards Gavrilovs, Olegs Borscevskis
Riga Technical University
Power and Control Aspects in Integrated Building Management Systems with Event-Based Control
Dmitrijs Bartkevics
Riga Technical University
Problems In The Operation Of Parallel-Series Converter When Using Two Switch Forward Inverter
Helar Niilo, Toomas Vaimann
Tallinn University of Technology
Power Efficiency Improvement of Heating Substation Using Pump Motor Speed Rate Regulation
Dmitrijs Shirkins
Riga Technical University
Design of Laboratory Equipment for Investigation of Regulators for LED Luminary
Irena Milashevski
Tallinn University of Technology
Necessity to use the standard IEC 61850
Igor Dmitrenko
Tallinn University of Technology
Compensated Single-Phase Rectifier
Jānis Doniņš
Riga Technical University
Integration of Electric Vehicles with Microgrid
Ivar Kõivastik
Tallinn University of Technology
Magnetic Sensor Coil Shape Geometry and Bandwidth Assessment Lauri Kütt1, Muhammad Shafiq2
Tallinn University of Technology

Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering
Automated Complex Determination Indicators of Power Quality
Victor O. Mandziy, 2Volodymyr V. Lypnytskyy, 3Sergiy M. Babyuk, 4Ivan M. Sysak

TNTU, Ukraine, 2Tallinn University of Technology
Clear Path Sensors for Robotics an Autonomy-Based Model
Leslie R. Adrian
Riga Technical University
20kV Voltage Adaptation Problems in Urban Electrical Networks
Olegs Borscevskis, Gerards Gavrilovs
Riga Technical University
Transformerless Boost AC/DC Converter with the Front-end Active Filter
Oleksandr Husev
Chernihiv State Technological University
Implementation of Wireless Communication for LED Luminary Light Efficiency Evaluation Stand
Olegs Tetervenoks, Ansis Avotins
Riga Technical University
Control Algorithm for Front-end Active Rectifaer for Grid-Connected PMSG based Wind Turbines
Oleksandr Husev1, Lauris Bisenieks2
1Chernihiv State Technological University,
2Riga Technical University
Concept of Wireless Based Electrical Energy Monitoring System
Peteris Apse-Apsitis, Ansis Avotins
Riga Technical University
Three-Phase Bridge Rectifier with Power Factor Correction for Windmill Synchronous Machines
P. Suskis, L. Bisenieks
Riga Technical University
Microgrid For TUT Power Engineering Building
Kristjan Peterson
Tallinn University of Technology

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